Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that dates back thousands of years. It was designed as a path to spiritual enlightenment, but in modern times, the physical aspects of Hatha yoga have found huge popularity as a gentle form of exercise and stress management.

The essence of yoga is to be in the driver’s seat of life. Control is a key aspects of yoga: control of the body, breath and mind.

The secret of yoga practice lies in a simple but important word BALANCE. In every area of our life, yoga represents moderation.

As a form of exercise, Hatha yoga consists of asanas or postures that embody controlled movement, concentration, flexibility and conscious breathing. The postures range from the basic to the complex, from the easily accomplished to the very challenging. While the movement tend to be slow and controlled, they provided an invigorating workout for the mind and body, including internal organs.

Yoga exercises are designed to ease tense muscles, to tone up the internal organs and to improve the flexibility of the body’s joints and ligaments. The aim of proper yoga exercises is to improve suppleness and strength. When done in conjunction with breathing techniques, Hatha yoga postures stimulate circulation, digestion and the nervous and endocrine system.

Yoga asanas can be practiced by young and old alike. While there is no one who should be excluded you should check with your doctor before you begin a course if you suffer from a medical condition or have any doubts.

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