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I have enjoyed a regular and unflinching practice of Pilates for some 10 years. I have always had a love of anything physical and have been involved with many different sporting activities over my youth life, including athletics, swimming, canoeing, dance, aerobic, aquarobic.

Yoga and next Pilates have played a pivotal role in my live for 25 years now. Regular practice of Yoga and Pilates and understanding of body mechanics has meant that I have come through my life with no injuries.

So while my love of Yoga was always there, my obsession with Pilates began years later. My appreciation of Pilates turned into an Obsession! I wanted to learn more about this wonderful system of exercising and regularly increase my understanding of anatomy and the role the Pilates can play in improving posture and reducing pain. I have always been looking to expand my knowledge and understanding of biomechanics, muscle activation, and how the muscles work with or against each other to assist in developing rehabilitative Pilates programs for those with spinal conditions and various other injuries including shoulder and hips problems. I have a genuine interest and desire in helping people feel whole again, and regaining control of their lives through pain reduction and changing bad postural behaviour patterns.

I believe that the empowerment that comes with the health and vitality of a well-functioning body translates into a happier and more self-aware individual. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being strong and in control of your own physical health and well-being.

Teaching other people with the intention of making them feel better and improving the quality of their lives is one of the most worthy ways to spend one‘s time as a human being.


Master of Physical Education,

Physical Education Teacher,

Specialist in Dance and Gymnastic Forms and Fitness,

Swimming instructor.

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