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Here at Iwona Pilates, I offer Pilates and Yoga classes.


Pilates it is great way to feel better, look better and treat yourself better, too. It is one hundred percent good for you.

What I offer you is more than technique, more than know-how, even more then increased pleasure and greater health in your every-day life. What I will be giving you is a new way to be. There is a big, wild world out there, and there is even bigger, wilder world inside your own body and mind. Yoga and Pilates is an excellent vehicle through which to explore both.

Developing a regular practice of Pilates or Yoga will effect huge changes in how you feel and how you look. One class per week is great, but 2 or more will help you achieve your goals, and go further, in a shorter amount of time.

Every class is different.
Our bodies are amazing systems … doing an activity one day can be so easy, and the same activity 2 days later may be so very hard. Energy levels up one day, and down the next. The amount of sleep we get, quality of the food we put into our bodies, time of the month, stress levels etc … these all affect how we feel during exercise. With this in mind, enter each class like it’s your first, and listen to your body. Don’t be disappointed or lose faith in the process if one class feels harder than the last. Just remember that the way our bodies feel depend on a number of variables, and do only what you can on the day. The next class may be your best!!

Safety First

If you're injured or pregnant ALWAYS let the instructor know prior to the beginning of class.

Take responsibility for ensuring your instructor is aware of any physical limitations you may have in class, so they can give you the most beneficial practice possible. You've been unwell, or have been away from Pilates for a short brake. Feeling dizzy or nauseous is a normal bodily response when getting over an illness. You should ease into your first class back, listen to your body, and don't push yourself too hard. If you feel dizzy, stop and take a moment to regain your composure. Coming back to a routine is always hard, but will often speed up your recovery.

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